Honeydrops Pleasure Powder
Honeydrops Pleasure Powder

Honeydrops Pleasure Powder

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The Honeydrops Pleasure  Powder is an edible natural aphrodisiac but in a powder form, It is formulated with the finest quality herbs and ingredients that will boost your libido and increase sexual pleasure.If you suffer from vaginal dryness and low sex drive or simply just want to add more excitement to your sex life  this is the perfect product for you .

The powder can be used by both Men & Women


*Increased libido & Sexual pleasure 

*Eliminates Vaginal dryness (Guaranteed WAP for 48 hours )

*It helps boost fertility 

*Edible and easy to consume it can be mixed with yoghurt or honey

For a limited time only we are giving complimentary honey tube with the pleasure powder 



This product should be consumed minimum 2 hours before sexual intercourse if you can take it more hours prior that will be perfect as this increases the effectiveness of the product 

Mix 2 tablespoons(MINIMUM) with Honey or Yoghurt (Which ever you prefer )

User discretion advised 


The Product is for oral use only 


FUN FACT- This product took 9 months to be formulated and we sent samples out so people could try and give their honest feedback the reviews are mind-blowing its already the most sought after product !