Is everything that you make really natural?

Yes! We only source natural ingredients for our products 

Where are your products made?

We hand make our skincare in small batches at our lab in Manchester  to maintain the freshness of each product.

Do you test on Animals?

No and we will never test on animals. Our products have undergone extensive testing on those who would be using them – people!

What is the shelf life of your products?

Since our products are truly all-natural and we do not use any unnatural preservatives at all, our products do have a shelf life of typically ranging from 2month to 6 months. If our products are kept out of direct sunlight and at room temperature or below, they will stay fresher longer.In the rare case that you purchase one of our products and find that it is not at its freshest point, please email us so we can handle this on a case-by-case basis. See our Contact page for email address.

Has your products been tested ?

Yes, our products have undergone testing and each have a Cosmetic Product Safety Report (CPSR).

This is a legal requirement to sell cosmetics in the UK and EU

I have a reaction , What do I do?

We always recommend doing a patch test 24 hours prior to use.

If you believe you've had a reaction, please take a photo and send it over to honeydropsuk@gmail.com

If this is provided within 14 days of purchase, we will be happy to find a resolution to this.