Honey Dew Mist
Honey Dew Mist

Honey Dew Mist

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The Honeydrops Dew Mist has been formulated with natural ingredients perfect for keeping your intimate area refreshed while neutralising odour by keeping the vagina and vulva refreshed promoting healthy PH levels, it also contains  antibacterial and antiseptic properties that help to prevent infection from yeast or bacteria.


* Balance and maintain healthy PH level and balance

*Soothes irritation and softens skin

*Prevents infection due to it's  antibacterial properties  

Directions of  Use: Shake well before use.  Spray around Vulva  or desired intimate area or spray directly on panty liner 


Honey Dew mist can be used everyday, After taking a shower or bath, Before sexual activity, beforehand after gym session or during those long /hot days 



Rose purslene, Honeysuckle, Mint ,Aloevera,and wild Chrysanthemum.