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Vulva Clean Bar

Vulva Clean Bar

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The Vulva Clean Bar is handcrafted and made with nature’s finest ingredients. This Yoni Bar is the perfect feminine wash for the vagina. The vulva Bar  is infused with herbs and oils which may help with eliminating odor, yeast infections bacterial vaginosis, vaginal dryness, lightening PMS cramps, heavy menstrual flow, uti's, boosting sexual libido, fighting bacteria, balancing PH level, general vaginal health, ingrown hairs, itchiness & many more. It is also great for intimate moments due to its aphrodisiac properties.


The designs and colors may vary with this product, but the ingredients will stay the same


Olive Oil, Coconut Oil,Apricot kernel Oil,  Olive Oil Vitamin E Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Essential Oil Blend, Herbal Blend & Skin Safe Mica Powder.

 100% fragrance free, nut free..suitable for Vegans 

Directions of Use 

Use the Vulva bar to  wash mons pubis, (where pubic hair grows) labia folds & clitoris. Use your fingers to massage it in for 30 seconds and then rinse off thoroughly to avoid any soap residue being left behind.The soap can be used for the body as well


Only for external use. DO NOT INSERT IN VAGINAL CANAL as the vagina is very sensitive . Consult your doctor if you are pregnant. Do a patch test before use, discontinue if irritation occurs.


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